Introducing Design Thinking for entrepreneurship students

I was invited to teach design thinking approach to entrepreneurship master students at em lyon business school. With my colleague, we choose to focus on practical experimentation of the method for a better appropriation by the students. We asked them to work on social themes to create a solution, going through all steps of inspiration, […]

Prototyping a new product to improve our working life

I took the MOOC created by IDEO: Design Kit – Prototyping with some colleagues. We decided to work on « How might we improve our working life ? » and started writing ideas for the different places where we use to work: at home, at the office, at our client office or outside, in a coffee, coworking space, transport… With […]

Enhancing sales agents’ role in customer experience

I’ve been working with my team to answer a french railway operator’s challenge. Customers and workers experiences’ expectations have dramatically increased whether it be when they travel, rent a space or experiment new services. They adopt new « experience standards » in their everyday lives. Moreover, competition in the travel space is increasing. Hence, the company is constantly adapting its organisation, services and […]

Drawing new relational experiences in banking world

Today we require more from our banks. We want them to be more human and to create an engaging, transparent and foreseeable relationship. We expect useful services provided with the highest quality and anticipation in order to save time. We worked as part of the bank’s transformation program to bring to life one of their evolution […]

Can communities inspire innovation ? Co-writing the study & realizing the layout

I worked on this study as part of an exploration and experimentation project for a bank. The goal was to create an innovative offer and a new way to dialogue with clients. This deliverable ended up the inspiration phase on the community topic. I participated in the writing process and realized the layout with InDesign. Here are some selected […]