Competing in a startup weekend / Kiss My Art

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The startup week-end challenge is exciting: having 54h to create a product with people you don’t know!

We worked as a mutlidisciplinary team on the idea: « Improve access to art for everyone ». We shared the same assumption: entering into an art gallery can be intimidating due to lack of experience or the unreachable aspect of art.

KissMyArt was born with this insight:

Art is above all about human gathering and sharing. 

We consider our target as twofold: art lovers and artists. We proposed to support them and bring them to meet and to engage in a dialogue.

Our offering is essentially events organization and community management that can be found in a marketplace. Artists will also find support on the business side to let them focus on their art. We will offer art lovers advice services as well.

We would complement these revenue streams with sales commission.


very rich experience


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